The Kimberley faces a growing shortage of General Practitioners

February 6, 2023

Australia faces a growing shortage of General Practitioners (GPs), particularly in remote areas such as the Kimberley region. Despite the efforts of local health authorities, the difficulty in recruiting and retaining doctors in these areas remains a persistent challenge.

The Kimberley region, known for its rugged landscapes and unique cultural heritage, covers a large and remote area of Western Australia. The population here relies heavily on GPs for their primary healthcare needs, making the shortage of doctors a critical issue.

The shortage of GPs in the Kimberley region has resulted in longer waiting times for patients and an increased burden on the local health system. The situation is expected to worsen unless immediate action is taken to address the issue.

Wunan Health & Wellbeing Centre is working to develop strategies aimed at attracting and retaining more doctors in the area. This includes offering incentives such as rural locum support, financial support for relocation costs, and professional development opportunities. We are also looking at innovative solutions, such as telehealth and the use of advanced technology, to improve access to healthcare in the East Kimberley region.

The shortage of GPs in the Kimberley region is a microcosm of the larger issue facing the country as a whole. Addressing this issue requires a collaborative effort between the government, health authorities, and the medical community.

We urge the public to support these efforts and to raise awareness about the importance of addressing the GP shortage in Australia. Contact: Charlotte Dickie, Media & Communications Manager, 0432 806 041 or

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